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Your native genius

Turning dreams into reality + seeing your concepts at work

Freedom Seekers rate being in control and having flexibility as reasons for starting their business. You are stubbornly devoted to entrepreneurship, and most often work solo. Your key goal is reducing the time you have to work, and your biggest challenge is finding time to get everything done.

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Your spirit animal is the wolf

Hungry like a wolf, that’s you. You’ve got a keen instinct, intelligence and an appetite for freedom (like, say, starting your own successful business). Like the wolf, you know the importance of your pack, and are excellent at building and forming the social connections your business needs to grow. You live powerfully, passionately and freely—you’re not easily convinced to stick with the status quo. Seek out ways to keep your freedom-seeking spirit alive, and trust your instincts to take you where you need to go.

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Inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs like you

  • Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Inc
  • Mark Twain American author
  • Robert Frost American poet
  • Christopher Morley American journalist
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Freedom Seeker: Anthems for a life well lived

It's my life Bon Jovi
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Freedom Paul McCartney

The thunder to your lightning

Finding a teammate whose skillset complements yours can be tricky. Here’s your best match.

The Passionate Creator will be the perfect inspiration for you as you begin to hand over the reigns on more extraneous business tasks. They'll inspire you to free you up your schedule and set aside time to focus on your zone of genius (and tropical vacations, naturally). Team up with a Passionate Creator, and sit down for coffee to talk about how letting go can be the key to holding on (to your sanity AND your free time).

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What the stars say about you

You complex and stubborn creature, you. Let’s be frank, shall we? You like being in control… a lot. And you don’t always relinquish it so easily. But you started your business so that you’d have more time to do the things you loved, like take vacations with your family, walk the dog, and declare an unplanned No-Pants Day in the middle of the week to sit on your couch and watch Netflix marathons. To put it simply, it means you want free time and flexibility. You want to have your cake and eat it too. Is that so much to ask?

It also means that you may often run into a challenge when trying to maintain control holds you back from embracing the freedom that drives you. If you have not yet loosened the reins, lets take some baby steps. Consider freelancing, or contract work. Hire a virtual assistant, or give your trusted employees more responsibilities. It won’t be easy at first (it might never be easy), but you can do it.

After all, somewhere this is a sandy beach and a tropical drink just calling your name.

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Entrepreneurs like you

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Good reads to add to your library

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Tools you'll love:

No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, we’re guessing if there's one thing you could use a little more of, it's time. We've handpicked some tools for you save time and be more productive. Try them out and see what you think!

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oDesk: Get more done with Freelancers. Use oDesk to hire talent with no boundaries in sight.

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Trello is a free, flexible and visual way to organize anything with anyone. It lets you see everything about a project in a single glance.

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Keap helps you automate your marketing to convert leads and grow sales, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

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Evernote is the workspace to get everything you do, done. Keep all your notes together and syng across all devices

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Qzzr helps you create & embed viral quizzes to generate leads and present targeted offers.

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SuperTasker is your 'Digital HelpDesk in the Cloud,' allowing you to outsource and manage high volumes of small tasks, super fast, to a pool of curated experts. It's the latest innovation by PeaplePerHour - a leader in the fast-growing freelance economy since 2008.

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