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What the stars say about you

You complex and stubborn creature, you. Let’s be frank, shall we? You like being in control… a lot. And you don’t always relinquish it so easily. But you started your business so that you’d have more time to do the things you loved, like take vacations with your family, walk the dog, and declare an unplanned No-Pants Day in the middle of the week to sit on your couch and watch Netflix marathons. To put it simply, it means you want free time and flexibility. You want to have your cake and eat it too. Is that so much to ask?

It also means that you may often run into a challenge when trying to maintain control holds you back from embracing the freedom that drives you. If you have not yet loosened the reins, lets take some baby steps. Consider freelancing, or contract work. Hire a virtual assistant, or give your trusted employees more responsibilities. It won’t be easy at first (it might never be easy), but you can do it.

After all, somewhere this is a sandy beach and a tropical drink just calling your name.