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Your native genius

Long term planning + strategy and execution

Legacy Builders are in it for the long haul. You wanted to build something unique from the ground up, something that would provide your family stability and reflect your own ethics, all while contributing to a stronger community and local economy. No small order, but you’ve done it! Going into business for yourself was a no brainer. And with a lot of sweat and dedication, you’ve created something you’d be proud to hand down to a younger generation.

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Your spirit animal is the elephant

You’re the one everyone leans on. Solid and dependable, salt of the earth. You take the most pride in taking care of business (and family, and home). Like the elephant, you are strong, honorable, stable and patient. You command attention and value your family above all else, and have bonds that you are inspired by and responsible to in equal measure. Elephants have always been a symbol of responsibility, especially in the way they care for their offspring and their elders. They know the importance of their tribe, and make their decisions accordingly. You’re committed to the business you’ve built, and are providing a lasting legacy for your tribe. The elephant does sometimes suffer because of its inability to see much beyond what is right in front of him—you too could benefit from learning to shift your focus in order to take in the entire view.

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Inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs like you

  • Ray Bradbury American novelist
  • A.J. Darkholme Canadian author
  • Israelmore Ayivor Leadership Entrepreneur
  • Jim Rohn American entrepreneur
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Legacy Builder – Music for making your mark on the world

Sister Sledge album cover We are family Sister Sledge
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The cheese to your macaroni

Finding a teammate whose skillset complements yours can be tricky. Here’s your best match.

The Legacy Builder and the Passionate Creator are a dynamic business duo. Seek out a Passionate Creator and be inspired by their immense vision and willingness to try, experiment and test. See if you can take some of their ways and make them your own. In return, you can show them that their passion can translate into long-term stability.

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What the stars say about you

You're the one they call an old soul. You know where you came from, and you want your destination to reflect that journey. You feel a deep responsibility to your family and your community, and you're driven to create a business that provides for both. You're a fan of good, old-fashioned hard work, and it’s that powerful work ethic that has allowed you to build what you have. But sometimes your reliance on the way things have always been keeps you from embracing newer (and at times, faster or more efficient) ways of getting things done. Beware your tendency to stick with a process because you're intimidated by other possibilities. For the upcoming month, make your focus on working smarter, not harder. Explore new technologies, follow some key influencers on Twitter, attend an outside the box business conference, network with people in entirely different industries, take some online courses in social media or email marketing or sit down and watch back-to-back TED Talk Marathons. Then get out of your comfort zone (yes, I know it's lovely there, but it's also limiting) and try something new. You'll be glad you did.

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Experts to follow

Dave Ramsey Pic Dave Ramsey, Financial Author, Radio Host, Speaker, and Founder of the Entreleadership Program @daveramsey
Jim Collins Picture Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great, Built to Last, and Great by Choice
Daymond John Picture Daymond John, Entrepreneur, author and TV personality @TheSharkDaymond

Good reads to add to your library

Leaders eat last book cover
Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek Buy Simon's book
Entrepreneur text
You've Built a Startup. Now, Build a Legacy, Matthew Toren, Entrepreneur Link to You've Built a Startup
How google works book cover
How Google Works, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg Buy Simon's book
Start with Why book cover
Start with Why, Simon Sinek Buy Simon's book
Book cover of Do Over
Do Over, Jon Acuff Buy Jon's book

Tools you'll love:

No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, we’re guessing if there's one thing you could use a little more of, it's time. We've handpicked some tools for you to help you get more out of your day. Try them out and see what you think!

oDesk logo

oDesk: Get more done with Freelancers. Use oDesk to hire talent with no boundaries in sight.

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Passion Project logo

Visionare helps with Goal tracking. Establish your goals. Connect with people who share similar dreams. Learn from those who are already there.

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Keap Logo

Keap helps you automate your marketing to convert leads and grow sales, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

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Evernote is the workspace to get everything you do, done. Keep all your notes together and syng across all devices

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Qzzr helps you create & embed viral quizzes to generate leads and present targeted offers.

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SuperTasker is your 'Digital HelpDesk in the Cloud,' allowing you to outsource and manage high volumes of small tasks, super fast, to a pool of curated experts. It's the latest innovation by PeaplePerHour - a leader in the fast-growing freelance economy since 2008.

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