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What the stars say about you

Okay, Survivor. We’re going for no holds barred, no punches held here. After all, if anyone can take it, it’s you. There’s been more than once over the last few years where you’ve questioned your sanity. The road has been rough, the hours long, and the money? Maybe not quite what you’d hoped. But here you are. Still hustling. Still hoping. Still with that dream that got you started in the first place.

Modify, adjust, and learn from your mistakes—but don’t quit now. You are closer than you know. Don’t think you’ve got to do it alone. Network. Reach out. Find others who can help lift you higher, get a fierce business coach to light the way, seek encouragement in the people and places and things that lift your spirits, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Above all, be kind to yourself. This is a journey—remind yourself of just how far you’ve come, and just how seriously amazing you are.